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Dextr® designs and extrudes soft, hard and technical profiles tailored to your project.

We cover mono-extrusion, co-extrusion, and tri-extrusion. In almost any technical plastic and/or thermoplastic rubber such as TPE, soft PVC, Rigid PVC, ABS, TPU, HDPE or biopolymers.
Moulded-in-colour, transparent, in various degrees of hardness.
And always with the appropriate finishes where necessary (cutting, sawing, punching, surface treatment, self-adhesive and much more).

Extrusion tpe rubber glazing gasket Extrusion door seal Extrusion rubber protection strip/profile Tri-extrusion in-line mounted window gasket Co-extrusion tpe rubber closingstrip, thermal bridge co- and tri-extrusion abs profile Extrusion tpe rubber profile Extrusie glasbokprofiel Extrusie kunststofprofiel Extrusie U-profiel Extrusie tube biopolymeer Extrusie afdichting Co-extrusion foamed HDPE Co-extrusion transparant pvc profile co-extruded tpe rubber window gasket Co-extrusie foamed HDPE glow in the dark strip pvc profiel transparant extrusie co-extrusie rubber boldichting tpe co-extrusion profil en plastique pour l'industrie par Dextr

Design and guidance

At Dextr®, we design the profile that meets your need for a solution, or we start from your own design. If necessary, we make adjustments together.

Mould construction

Our moulds are designed, drawn up and custom-machined to perfection in-house by specialised metal workers using the latest techniques down to the micron level.

Production & post-processing

Dextr®is equipped with state-of-the-art tools for in-house plastic and rubber extrusion.
When it comes to post-processing and packaging, the possibilities are endless and entirely based on your wishes.

Quality is our top priority

Dextr® profiles, that’s quality! The latest measuring techniques enable us to measure and monitor the tightest tolerances. These measurement results form the basis of our precise production processes.

Stock & delivery

We keep a large stock of raw materials to guarantee fast delivery.
We adhere to strict lead times to be able to deliver your complete order on time.

Dextr® is everywhere!

Even though quite inconspicuous, Dextr® is present in a variety of applications and sectors. In different colours and qualities. From automotive to interior design. From seals to cables, anti-slip strips, stair nosing and finishing rubbers as well as glazing rubbers or tubes. And so much more.
You can really find us everywhere!

Craftsmanship & innovation

On the strength of training courses and the internal transfer of years of skills, Dextr® has built a motivated, eager-to-learn team that works well with the customer. Our expertise and curiosity have produced HiTech seals that exceed your wishes.


Dextr® develops the ultimate profile tailored to your project. Since every step of the process takes place in-house, we can optimise easily and quickly where necessary.

Custom made

Dextr® is fully at the service of your project. We extrude your profile the way you want it; In the colour(s) you want, whether fire retardant, combining hard/soft features, for indoor or outdoor use, with static or dynamic functions, etc. Your profile, tailored to the smallest detail to suit your project.

Or would you prefer to choose from our range of stock profiles? Also an option.

While Dextr® really differentiates itself in the supply of custom technical profiles, we also have an extensive range of profiles in stock. Please request our catalogue; who knows, you may even find the profile you need in it.

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