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Dextr bedrijfsfilm

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Dextr at Polyclose 2022 booth 1796

Dextr is present at Polyclose 2022, booth 1796. Welcome !!!

Dextr op de Bedrijvencontactdagen 2022 Kortrijk Expo - standnr 4115

Welkom op de bedrijvencontactdagen - Wanneer : 27/28 april 2022 - Waar : Kortrijk Expo, stand nr 4115 - Gedeelde stand : Solidor/Rubidor/Dextr

Dextr strengthens its technical workshop with a new EDM unit.

The mold making capacity was enhanced with a full option EDM unit. The objective at Dextr to reduce the lead time from order to approved extrusion profile has been implemented.

Dextr developes bi-functional glass seal

A bilateral development with Dextr of a self-adhesive transparent plastic glass seal with protective film. A development for the comfort of the interior builder.